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D. Ferguson
Chicago, IL

Company name: LLC

10/23/2012 8:48 PM

I have worked with them this past August and September and my contact Margo went above and beyond to ensure that the process went smoothly. Even when there was a little hiccup (my people were the ones who made the error), Margo was on point working with us to fix the issue and get our LLC together. I have referred two additional businesses and one is already in the process. I will definitely use them again.

S. Walsh
Lockport, NY

Company name:
Capital Processing Interchange

10/12/2012 8:58 AM

I already own a real estate holding company. I am creating a financial company. I need to create 2 LLCs and 2 Corporations. I will also be creating another real estate company. I recently heard about Wyoming filings and found these people on the Internet. I called for more information. I spoke to someone named Margo. She was completely unprofessional to the point where I questioned the veracity of the company. I learned that the company was in business 8-yrs and she was there 7-yrs. She was uncooperative and unhelpful. Pulling teeth would have been easier. Thinking that she might have been having a bad day, I asked if maybe I could call later when the connection was better. She hung up on me!

W. Stuart
Pittsburgh, PA

Company name:
Northern Capital, Inc.

05/22/2012 2:26 PM

Filed our company and emailed the paperwork to us in less than a week. Not some national company with just an address in Wyoming, these people are local. Would do business with them again.

R. H
Cheyenne, WY

Company name:
Mondo One, Inc.

04/24/2012 10:08 AM

I just wanted to say that the service from Wyoming Registered Agent has far exceeded our expectations. They have been a pleasure to work with, have set up our corporation within a week when most other companies can take over 30 days, have forwarded our mail in a timely manner and have been prompt to answer all questions since we began service. I would highly recommend their service to anyone who wants to setup a corporation in Wyoming.

A. Roberts
Laramie, WY

Company name:
Avenue Management, LLC

04/14/2012 8:37 AM

I had recently purchased a company. I had to change a few things and Jason was very helpful with my requests. The requested documents were drawn up the same day and emailed to me. This was the third time I had to change a name and address and didnt want to be a burden. What I felt like instead was a valued customer and I will be staying with this firm for a long time. Thanks Jason and team!!!

c. michael
great falls, MT

Company name:
Nvision Global

04/04/2012 7:38 AM

Have used this agent service for a couple of years. Service has dissappeared. They seem to be good at getting nothing done even answering the phone as quoted by someone here earlier. As of late, Jason told me I was a piece of $#%@ which was a little upsetting as I pay them, they do not pay me. I have operated several companies and if I learned anything, service is key and even if you don't like one of your customers, if you don't take care of them, soon you wont have any. As is the case here, we are firing this company and will never recommend them as they cannot even retrieve corporate information they are to assist with. No service, no respect, no more money from us.

M. Moerman
Vancouver, WA

Company name:
CanPrev LLC

03/29/2012 10:52 AM

We have had several companies registered through, but in recent months their customer service has gone downhill and is now simply appalling. In late January we wanted them to process a name change for one of our companies, and as of now, two months later, they have still not done so. I have called numerous times and encountered "customer service" people who were unable to provide any information; on more than one occasion, one of their people promised to investigate and call me back, and these promises were never fulfilled. I have just had to file a chargeback with our credit card company to recover the cost of a service never provided. Do yourself a favor and avoid this company.

J. Bancroft
Vista, CA

Company name:
Alternative Tobacco Products, Inc

11/10/2011 1:18 PM

Initially provided good service when i switched to them as my Registered Agent. BUT my most recent experience including renewal has been a bad time. No response, no call backs, just voice mail and not even that had resulted in a real contact. They took a check for renewal but since cashing it NOTHING. John Bancroft President

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